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Cognitive Analyzer (Energy)

Deeply understands contextual daily drilling reports and other documents, and converts them to structured information. Assists multiple workflows such as offset well analyses and root cause analyses.

Granular Insights from Drilling Reports

Massive textual information is recorded in daily drilling reports, mostly unleveraged for insights and value. Knowledge-based A.I. understands these reports much better than regular A.I./ML solutions. The solution leads to more efficient well design and reduced NPT / ILT.

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  • Fully understands contextual daily drilling reports in natural language, no keywords used. Converts activity reports to structured information
  • Applies reasoning, math and logic to comprehend complex drilling processes and phases.
  • Key differentiators include very high accuracy in classifying operations, extracting quantitative parameters and tracking sequential activities.

Solution Differentiators

Structured Info from Language-Based Info​

The solution delivers fully automated, granular understanding of daily drilling reports.

A natural language understanding (NLU) engine meshed with domain knowledge representation – provides granular, contextual structured drilling information.

The result is an accurate understanding of operations and drilling incidents, and extraction of all quantitative drilling parameters.

NPT / Event Drill Down @ 1 Click​

A detailed study of events such as stuck pipe, tight spots, mud loss provides engineers with insights that inform efficient design and can help prevent NPT / ILT.

The solution accurately identifies events / NPT and presents a contextual view of sequential activities along with relevant quantitative parameters such as flow rate, overpull, SPP etc.

The result is an automated, accurate depiction of activities leading up and following the incident – providing potential root causes and resolution.

Business Value

Deep insights based on semantic understanding​, lead to granular insights and lower risk​

Increased Productivity

Reduced NPT / ILT

Accuracy, Scalability

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