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Why AUI Systems?

Our Knowledge-based A.I. is

90%+ Accurate

  • Leverages knowledge
  • Uses domain knowledge


  • Add/edit knowledge easily
  • Huge existing knowledge

100% Explainable

  • All outputs are auditable
  • Uses semantics, reasoning & math


  • No Training/Retraining
  • No third-party licenses

Cognitive Solution Suite​

Explore our truly cognitive B2B solutions​

Cognitive, granular understanding of complex drilling reports – supports energy workflows.

Highly accurate (>90%) in identifying 100+ field operations and events.

Out of the box deployment, no training/retraining.

Creates re-usable semantic structured domain information for multiple energy stakeholders.

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Real conversations with semantic information , fully understands complex questions, no intents​
Applies logic, reasoning and math to assist decisions​
Taps semantic, industry-specific knowledge​
Proprietary, flexible, knowledge IP​

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Cognitive Cloud Platform available as a Service
Current OEM solutions can simply plug in and leverage our proprietary understanding system​
A system that truly understands and solves problems – based on our expanding semantic knowledge platform​

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Energy Cognitive Analyzer​

An Energy Solutions company needed a cognitive automation solution to ensure accurate information is delivered from language-based drilling reports. Current AI/ML solutions fall short in granular, accurate understanding.

AUI’s cognitive drilling analyzer understands granular, contextual information automatically in daily drilling activity reports – 100+ operations and events are understood at 90%+ accuracy.

Drilling teams have rapid access to event analyses, operational codes, and numerous drilling parameters – assisting offset well analyses (OWA) and operational monitoring.

Cognitive Access Assistant​

An Energy Solutions and Services company provides software to drill down into performance benchmarking data via table and graph outputs. Accessing data takes time and effort.

AUI’s intuitive natural language query interface allows engineers to obtain data quickly with simple or complex questions. The system allows conversational memory, logic, math and reasoning to be applied.

Users obtain 100% accurate data, instantly giving a boost to productivity and satisfaction.

Situation and Intelligence Assistant​

A military agency makes ongoing sense of a huge number of intelligence reports in natural language form. Access to structured insights across numerous variables such as geo-locations, timelines, tagged entities is a formidable task.

AUI’s cognitive situation and intelligence assistant provides analysts deep insights and drill down into information that has been structured from incoming unstructured reports using AUI’s NLU system.

Analysts can rapidly leverage insights at a click. All outputs are auditable and the system can be deployed in the field with a very small footprint.

We chose the path to true UNDERSTANDING​

Our IP is developed from scratch and powers all of our solutions.
It tracks entities and actions through time, performs math and logic operations, reasons, and makes inferences.
The understanding engine meshes with knowledge, not just data.

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