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Understands and converts natural language-based information including conversations to structured form. Delivers highly accurate and fully explainable outputs using a low compute footprint.

Cognitive Engine at the heart of NLU

Understanding natural language and unstructured information is the core capability of a cognitive engine. Syntactic and semantic analyses are performed using a composite knowledge base. Our cognitive engine powers multiple solutions including analyzers for industry reports and conversations. The engine can be plugged into larger systems such as a contact center solution.

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  • Understands complex unstructured and natural-language based information, including conversations– converting it to structured form
  • Incorporates logic, reasoning, math operations
  • Key differentiators include highly accurate and fully explainable outputs, low compute footprint.

Solution Differentiators

Business Process and Product Understanding​

Highly accurate performance relies on the ability to flexibly model business processes, industry equipment and product specs, and other related domain knowledge.​
For example a wireless router’s specifications and troubleshooting process are easily captured in our flexible and updatable knowledge model.​
The result is a solution that leads the user logically through a process and generates answers that are not pre-fed. No training data are involved.

Conversational and Contextual Understanding​

The solution permits the user to delve into conversations to understand meaning and context.​
This is possible because of a flexible knowledge representation system and it’s logical and reasoning abilities.​​
The result is fully understood questions and conversations – Voila !​

Business Value

Deep insights based on semantic understanding​, lead to granular insights and lower risk​

Reduce Costs

High Accuracy

Fully Explainable

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