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Cognitive NLU Platform

Our understanding system is at the core of intelligent machines. This proprietary IP can be licensed to significantly enhance Cognitive Workflows and Conversational AI.

Ready Building Blocks for a Truly Cognitive System

A tenet in AUI’s approach to cognitive systems is: Knowledge is critical to understanding and to cognition. Meaning and context can be resolved using a knowledge reference base – just as humans do. Our platform enables elegant scaling of knowledge – as we apply it to specific industry uses. Flexible knowledge structures and tools to democratize knowledge creation make it possible to license AUI’s system to power a cognitive solution – be it conversational AI or a truly cognitive assistant.

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  • Our Understanding IP catapults intelligent solutions to the next level - capturing context and meaning.​
  • The system is proprietary, comprising an Understanding Framework and a semantic Knowledge Base that are in the process of being patented.
  • Our IP is framed on a semantic knowledge-based approach to context and intelligence. We believe this resonates well with human learning and cognition.

Solution Differentiators

Solution Framework : Understanding Engine​

A core solution component is the Understanding Engine. An analogy is the brain’s cognitive function. An effective, intelligent system.​
This Framework comprises sub-engines addressing linguistics, temporal and spatial analyses, logic, reasoning, and math.​
The system’s working and outputs can be understood via an auditable, transparent process. No training data are required hence scalability and upgrades are easily achieved.

Semantic Knowledge Base​

Semantic knowledge is at the core of Understanding and Cognition. The backdrop of meaning and knowledge allows humans to make sense of what they read, hear or see.
We’ve developed a semantic Knowledge-Base that provides context to our solution. Its building blocks include interconnections and relationships between agents, actions, and common knowledge/sense. ​

Its common knowledge is continuously expanding, and is overlaid with industry-specific content – as we apply it to new industry use cases.

Business Value

Deep insights based on semantic understanding​, lead to granular insights and lower risk​

Increase Revenue

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