We chose the path to
Our IP is developed from scratch and powers all of our solutions.
It tracks entities and actions through time, performs math and logic operations, reasons, and makes inferences.
The Understanding engine meshes with knowledge, not just data.

Our Unique Solutions

Cognitive Business Assistant

The Assistant applies near-human logic and reasoning to assist research and decisions !
It is truly able to Understand complex queries​
It taps semantic, industry-specific knowledge – then replies​

Conversational AI

Near-human conversations ! ​
A machine that truly comprehends questions, taps process and industry knowledge​
And takes issues to closure !​
The key is our proprietary, flexible knowledge system​

Cognitive Cloud

Our Cognitive Cloud Platform is available as a Service ​
Current OEM solutions can simply plug in and leverage our proprietary Understanding system​
The result is a system that truly Understands and solves problems – based on our expanding semantic knowledge platform​

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