Our Team

We are a motivated team focused on developing a new paradigm in Natural Language Understanding and applying solutions to industry problems. We have expertise in knowledge representation, natural language processing, software development and advanced analytics and have worked across the globe. We’ve been affiliated with organisations as diverse as Infosys Consulting, Wipro, The Indian Army, and MuSigma across verticals such as Finance, Energy, Engineering and Retail. Our time at school was spent at Yale, IIM-A and BITS, besides other institutions.​


Wishing futuristic capabilities from machines
Harpal Parmar
CEO & Co-Founder
Harpal has more than 2 decades of global consulting and sales experience in technology and engineering including periods in the USA and the UK. He feels as much at home in an office in Mumbai as in far-flung client operations in the Arctic, as long as he has the opportunity to connect with diverse stakeholders. He has an MBA (Yale) and MS degrees from the United States and is found turning up the volume on classic rock when he gets a chance.
Wishing futuristic capabilities from machines
Shashi Kiran BP
CTO & Co-Founder
Shashi is our technology and NLU expert who is frequently found explaining the finer points of Natural Language Understanding to the larger team. With stints in the DRDO (Indian Army) and in startups where his team has solved some challenging computing problems such as Facebook bAbI. A Gold-medalist in his BTech studies (JNU), his 24-years of experience encompasses AI, IT Architecture, and Information Security.​
Wishing futuristic capabilities from machines
Manmohan Singh
COO & Co-Founder
Manmohan has vast experience in technology, operations and general management. He’s the go-to person at AUI given his wide problem solving perspective across his leadership stints in the Indian Army and Technology startups over a 28-year career. Accompanying degrees in Technology and Business Management (IIM-A) is his rich knowledge of business and operations. He’s keen golfer when time permits.​

Founding members

Wishing futuristic capabilities from machines
Saharsh Yashlaha
Senior Developer
Saharsh is an NLU specialist and senior software developer. He is a key contributor to NLU Research and Development and is frequently seen leading whiteboard sessions on development and integration of new solution features. His technical expertise of 5 years in software design and NLU is complemented by his penchant for trekking across North India or exploring neighborhood cafes.​
Wishing futuristic capabilities from machines
Shashank Gupta
Senior Developer
Shashank is a senior software developer and a key part of our NLU think tank. Given his exposure in logic, linguistics and AI, he is capable of conceptualizing problems differently and implementing out of the box ideas. Besides, when he’s not river rafting or trekking he’s applying his expertise in Data Science and DevOps to solution development. ​
Wishing futuristic capabilities from machines
Rashmi Ramesh
Knowledge Architect
Rashmi puts her passion for language and technology to good use in AUI’s knowledge-led solutioning. Starting her journey a technologist, she later discovered a love of communication and language that led to forays in content creation. With over 6 years of work experience, she is equally at home giving a Ted talk as she is traveling to the far reaches of India.​