Our Mission​

We see a world where all Enterprises can benefit from a truly “Understanding System”. It is driven by a new paradigm in Natural Language Understanding or NLU. We see our work driving innovation and large improvements in productivity and scale in areas like Cognitive Decision Support and Conversational AI.​

About Us​

AUI Systems formally incorporated in 2019 though our Founders have conceptualised and worked on Understanding-based Computing for many years. This work supports the hypothesis that Understanding is the key to true Artificial Intelligence. Hence our unusually named entity AUI - that literally brings Understanding (U) within AI.
Our team has several decades of experience relevant to creating and applying such a system to industry. We are bound by a common vision of truly Understanding based systems, given our belief in how our practical approach reflects human cognition and productivity.​

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Email: contact@auisys.com

Phone: +91 98112 67549