An Understanding Cloud​

Our Understanding IP catapults intelligent solutions to the next level – because they now capture context and meaning.​

The system is proprietary and all sub-systems were built from scratch. It primarily comprises an Understanding Framework and a semantic Knowledge Base that are in the process of being patented.​

Our IP is framed on a semantic knowledge-based approach to context and intelligence. We believe this resonates well with human learning and cognition.​

Solution Framework : Understanding Engine​

Building Blocks: UNDERSTANDING Framework
A core solution component is the Understanding Engine. An analogy is the brain’s cognitive function. An effective, intelligent system.​

This Framework comprises sub-engines addressing linguistics, temporal and spatial analyses, logic, reasoning, and math.​

The system’s working and outputs can be understood via an auditable, transparent process. No training data are required hence scalability and upgrades are easily achieved. ​

Semantic Knowledge Base​

Semantic knowledge is at the core of Understanding and Cognition. The backdrop of meaning and knowledge allows humans to make sense of what they read, hear or see.

We’ve developed a semantic Knowledge-Base that provides context to our solution. Its building blocks include interconnections and relationships between agents, actions, and common knowledge/sense. ​

It’s continuously expanding common knowledge, and overlaying it with industry-specific content as we solve industry use cases.​
Flexible and Expanding Knowledge Pyramid

Business Value​

Supercharge existing solutions with expanding
Semantic Knowledge​
Improve Accuracy​
Explore New Revenue