Conversational AI​

The solution fully Understands the meaning and syntax of a user’s queries and comments, and goes far beyond establishing intent.​

It embodies a customer support agent – drawing upon relevant product and process knowledge and the ability to converse in natural language.​
Key differentiators include a proprietary and flexible knowledge-modeling system.​
Conversational AI Demo

Product and Process Knowledge Modeling​

Responsive Knowledge Model
Superior performance rests on the solution’s ability to fully model product properties, troubleshooting manuals, and business process​.

For example a wireless router’s specifications and troubleshooting process are easily captured in our flexible and updatable knowledge model.​

The result is a solution that leads the user logically through a process and generates answers that are not pre-fed. No training data are involved.​

Conversational and Contextual Awareness

The solution permits the user to segue into clarifications e.g. about verifying an LED’s location on a product panel, then to go back effortlessly into the troubleshooting process​.

This is possible because of a flexible knowledge representation system and it’s logical and reasoning abilities.​

The result is intelligent, logical and conclusive conversations – Voila !​
Context and Conversation Memory

Business Value​

Machine conversations that completely resolve​ customer problems
and meet compliance​
Improve Customer​ Satisfaction​
Reduce Costs​
24x7 Availability​