Cognitive Business Assistant​

The solution drills down into unstructured information and Understands – using proprietary semantic methods, reasoning and logic.​

It mimics an industry analyst compiling extracted semantic knowledge, thus assisting decision support​.
An Earnings Call Understanding Workstation

Semantic Timeline​

Semantic Data on Timeline
The solution develops an interactive semantic representation of business events on a timeline.​

It applies entity extraction, pronoun replacement, inferencing and knowledge-references to Understand incoming unstructured information and merges it with available structured information​

An analyst can now interact with information synthesized across time and topics of interest​

Semantic Analysis Drilldown​

An analysis relies on the ability to establish relationships and possible reasons for an occurrence.​

The solution Understands context and meaning of incoming unstructured information, and stores it appropriately.​

The result is an ability to explore causal relationships via complex questions.​
Drill Down to Access True Semantic Information

Business Value​

Untapped business insights based on semantic Understanding​,
leading to improved business metrics and lower risk​
Improve Productivity​
Increase Revenues​